Executive Director, ULI UK


ULI UK is seeking to recruit a full time Executive Director to lead ULI’s continuous growth and development in the UK. This position is an outstanding opportunity for a highly regarded, thoughtful, and well-networked member of ULI or the broader real estate community to work for this global, real estate membership association. Based in London, this exciting and pivotal role is a great opportunity for someone with ambition, enthusiasm and a hands-on and can-do attitude who has senior management experience and a track record of delivering strategic targets.

The Executive Director of ULI UK facilitates ULI UK’s programme of work, consistent with the Institute’s overall goals, as determined by the ULI Europe CEO, ULI Europe Director, Business Development & Member Networks, ULI UK Chair and Executive Committees. The main responsibility for the Executive Director is to advance the National Council. The Executive Director benefits from strong links with ULI Europe’s team of specialists, but will mainly work independently, and will manage resources to optimise ULI’s impact and influence in UK and beyond.


The Executive Director will work with the ULI National Council Chair, ULI Council Executive Committee, all standing and new committees/councils of the UK National Council, ULI members, and ULI European staff, on the following main focus areas:

Programme of activities  

  • Develop and execute strategies that direct the ULI UK and Institute resources, expertise, and leadership to address constructively impact local and regional development issues and land use policies. This is accomplished through conferences, forums, meetings, programmes, publications, advisory services, collaborative public ventures in London and across the country.
  • Pro-actively focus on the development of research relevant for the members and the wider land use and real estate industries in the UK and beyond.

Business Development  

  • Develop and execute a comprehensive sponsor recruitment and retention programme that engages the ULI UK Executive Committee and integrates these efforts with all programmes and initiatives of the National Council and beyond.
  • Develop and execute a comprehensive membership programme to retain existing members, increase the number of new members and encourage upgraded memberships, by making ULI UK’s activities relevant to the needs of (prospective) members.
  • Develop and maintain strategic alliances with other non-profit associations, academic institutions, cities and public sector representatives, and appropriate agencies.

Communications and PR  

  • Develop and execute a communication strategy for ULI UK
  • Act as a spokesperson on important urban development topics and represent the organisation within the wider land use and real estate industry
  • Develop and execute a programme of work for the ULI National Council consistent with the annual Business Plan and long-term ULI. Europe Strategic Plan that provides for clear outcomes and methods to measure success, and achieving said outcomes or results.


  • Direct the operations of the UK National Council with the input and support of the UK National Council Chair, Executive Committee and Europe Regional Office.
  • Develop and execute strategies that foster collaboration throughout the Institute and its various departments to support and enhance ULI UK’s programme of work.
  • Facilitate succession planning for all leadership posts of the National Council in collaboration with the chairman ULI UK.
  • Direct the operations of the National Council and implementation of the National Council’s programme of work by supervision of any third-party contractors.
  • Manage and closely monitor the finances and budget of the UK National Council in consultation with the Europe CEO and Director, Member Networks, plus the UK Chair, including monthly reports, quarterly re-forecasts, and annual budget preparation to strengthen the financial health of the organisation.


Regular interaction with the ULI UK leadership, ULI staff based at the Europe region headquarters in London and global headquarters in Washington DC, and Executive Directors of other ULI National Councils; The Executive Director is the primary connection to staff at ULI headquarters. Daily interaction with ULI UK members, member firms, sponsors, consultants, public sector officials, and press.


This position is an outstanding opportunity for a highly regarded, thoughtful, and well-networked member of the ULI real estate development and land use community.

The post-holder will work to further strengthen the mission and values of ULI through sound organisational and management skills; an entrepreneurial and hands-on attitude; strong communication and presentation skills; and proven project execution. Experience should include work within the UK real estate, property or urban regeneration industry; private, public or non- profit and volunteer organisations.

This position requires regular travel throughout UK and occasional attendance of other key European ULI Meetings. The normal place of work will be in London. There will be flexibility for some home-based working.

Attributes include:

  • An entrepreneurial and creative manager who is adept on the strategic as well as the practical day-to-day issues.
  • Experience of issues relating to real estate, regeneration or property/economic development would be preferable.
  • Well-developed leadership and team management skills.
  • Ability to effectively manage complex processes and to work to deadlines.
  • Experience in the preparation and monitoring of annual budget and financial statements.
  • Ability to build effective working relationships with people at all levels, including but not limited to public and/or private sector leaders, politicians, educators, public officials etc.
  • Proven track record in strategic planning and execution of sound business plans.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written forms.
  • Highest level of honesty and integrity.
  • Ability to define the best interests for ULI and ULI UK in particular and the community at large and to communicate this to both the National Council and the wider public.
  • Ability to maintain and respect the confidentiality where and when appropriate.
  • Highly motivated professional who thrives in a busy, team environment.
  • Ability to travel.
  • Experience in running a small size entity and business operations.


  • A relevant degree or professional qualification is desirable.


To apply, please follow the link below. Please submit a résumé and a letter of interest.