Brian Lomel, 2018 Health Leader

Title: Principal/Director of the PEAK Institute
Organization: TLC Engineering for Architecture
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

As a principal at TLC, Brian Lomel’s 30 plus years of consulting engineering practice have been established in engineering/design, master planning, and construction administration for MEP systems, in all building types. The PEAK Institute is the Research & Development unit of TLC Engineering, advocating for high performance building design. With a track record of innovative, award winning projects, the PEAK Institute is the tip of the spear at TLC Engineering on projects that are sustainable, health-centric and technologically advanced.

For shaping the sustainability of over 125 projects, relentless advocacy, and presenting hundreds of lectures on sustainability at the international, national, and local levels, the USGBC has recognized Brian as a LEED Fellow. Several of the projects Brian has contributed to have been either certified LEED Platinum, Net Zero, and/or been too unique to be defined by certification. Some noteworthy projects include the 701 Brickell Office Tower, which won the first ever National USGBC “Best EB: O&M” Project award, the first certified LEED Gold Hospital in South America, and a Net Zero Design for a City Hall in South Florida’s hurricane alley.

After attending the IWBI’s first conference on health and wellness in real estate, “WELL 2014” in New Orleans, Brian began focusing on the Air, Water, Light, and Acoustics quality in the built environment. Brian was one of the first 1,000 people globally to achieve WELL AP accreditation. Since then, he has been working on projects that are both sustainable and create healthy environments for the occupants, including several projects seeking WELL certification. Brian is a frequent presenter on the topic of engineering better air, water and light quality. Brian served for several years as the co-chair of ULI South Florida’s Building Healthy Places Committee.

Brian is a fuzzy bee from Georgia Tech, BME ’89. He, his wife Angela, and two cats live on a sandbar called South Florida where they enjoy 64” per year of rain, 365 days per year of endless summer, and an occasional unwanted windstorm.

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