Midtown Detroit – 2013 Global Awards for Excellence Winner

About Midtown Detroit

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Developer: Midtown Detroit Inc.
Designer: Varies by project
Size: 2.8 square miles

One part of a larger revitalization project for greater downtown Detroit, Midtown Detroit is a 2.8-square-mile redevelopment project that aims to “invest, capture, and create” as well as revitalize the declining district. Midtown Detroit is divided into six smaller plans:

  • Woodward Garden Block;
  • Sugar Hill Arts District;
  • Ellington/Whole Foods;
  • Auburn;
  • Green Garage; and
  • TechTown District Plan.

Each of these spaces provides different amenities and experiences that reflect the diverse identities in the Detroit area. The Woodward Garden Block includes the Midtown Co-Lab, co−working spaces for community development activity, as well as office space. The development of the N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art is the centerpiece of the Sugar Hill Arts District, a historically African American arts and culture neighborhood of Detroit. From these dense neighborhoods, the future of Detroit as a walkable city with public attractions is clearly visible.

In addition to renovated spaces, strategies for innovative partnerships have emerged among the Henry Ford Health System, Wayne State University, and the Detroit Medical Center to provide more amenities and encourage investment in the area. Led by MDI, this area aims to deploy mixed-use programing, foster healthy lifestyles, and promote sustainable communities.

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