Jack Kemp Excellence in Affordable and Workforce Housing Awards 2019 Finalist: Gateway North Apartments

Located in a central downtown district, 30 minutes outside of Boston, the Gateway North Apartments has transformed a formerly vacant site into an important community asset. Resulting from a 2008 master plan, and a 9-year planning, permitting, and financing effort, the project is the first-ever multifamily property funded by Massachusetts’ Workforce Housing Initiative and fills an important market gap by building high-quality homes for low-and middle-income households.

The Gateway North project fulfills the vision established in Lynn’s 2008 Washington Street Gateway Plan, which sought to revitalize the Washington Street corridor through new transit-oriented development, including retail and housing. Not only does the Plan bring new housing to Lynn at Gateway North, but it is now attracting an influx of startups, new restaurants and other businesses, rejuvenating the formerly blighted downtown.

The carefully scaled six-story structure offers ground-floor commercial space and responds to its sensitive floodplain location with a landscaped and fully accessible elevated podium form. Lobby and common areas feature bold art installations, while the amenities are numerous. Hailed by local and state officials as a transformative housing development, Gateway North is anticipated to set a new precedent for smart housing growth.

Location: Lynn, MA
Developers & Owners:
HUB Holdings, LLC and Neighborhood Development Associates of Lynn
Partners: Washington Gateway Associates, Limited Partners HUB Holdings and Neighborhood Development Associates

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