Campus Martius — 2010 Urban Open Space Award Winner

About Campus Martius Park

Owner/Developer: The Detroit 300 Conservancy, City of Detroit
Designer: Rundell Ernstberger Associates, LLC
Program Planning: Project for Public Spaces

Why Campus Martius Park?

Campus Martius Park has become the heart of downtown Detroit’s development story and its signature public space. Surrounded by offices, residential space, and restaurants, it is a magnet for everyday visitors and high-profile events. The goals of the park were to revitalize the center of downtown—to be the city’s gathering place, a catalyst for economic development, a beautiful signature square, and a positive image for Detroit locally and internationally, year round. Located on Detroit’s main street, Woodward Avenue, the park has transformed the center of downtown from a recently desolate area to a beautiful oasis for everyday gathering. Campus Marius Park has exceeded all expectations. It is the most active year-round space in downtown Detroit, providing an outstanding environment for the more than 2 million annual visitors. Over $700 million of new development has occurred within a two-block radius of the park.

Campus Martius received national recognition in April when it was chosen as the first-ever recipient of the ULI Amanda Burden Urban Open Space Award. Presenting the award, Burden, commissioner of the New York City Department of City Planning, said, “Campus Martius exemplifies the social and economic transformative effect of great public centers of activity, respite, and social interaction.”

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