Past ULI Reports on Rebuilding After Disaster

Experts from the Urban Land Institute have long been at the forefront of community building, including restoration and redevelopment following both natural and manmade disasters. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, ULI has compiled the following list of its publications that may be helpful to our members and others in the affected communities.

From ULI’s “Principles” booklets, which are designed to provide readily accessible, easy-to-use information for understanding complex land use issues:

From ULI’s Advisory Services Panel program, which offers timely, candid and unbiased input from experts to communities with challenging real estate and land use issues:

  • Manhattan, New York (Strategies for making the World Trade Center site and downtown a world-class retail destination following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.)
  • New Orleans, Louisiana (Development of an overall framework so that city leaders could generate detailed plans for rebuilding following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.)
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast (Recommendations to help the Gulf Coast Renaissance Corporation facilitate the development of mixed-income communities that provide safe, high-quality, affordable housing for the workforce of the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina.)
  • Bayou La Batre, Alabama (Identifying redevelopment opportunities in areas damaged by Hurricane Katrina.)
  • Pascagoula, Mississippi (Strategies for redeveloping land where a low-income housing development was razed following heavy damage by Hurricane Katrina.)
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Strategies for redeveloping and revitalizing the downtown core following a 2008 flood.)
  • Galveston, Texas (Strategies for sustainable neighborhood development following Hurricane Ike in 2008.)

From the District Councils, the local chapters of ULI:

From Urban Land magazine:

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