Jacksonville, Florida – Advisory Services Panel

Date: June 17-22, 2018

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Sponsor: Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Subject Area: Economic Development and Transportation

Panel Chair: Ladd Keith, Chair of Sustainable Built Environments at The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

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Background and Panel Assignment

An advisory services panel made recommendations to the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) regarding creating a more connected downtown by the Ultimate Urban Circulator (U²C) and supporting economic development.

Panelists considered creative approaches to design a transit system that is viewed as an economic advantage that provides greater accessibility, is sustainable, and is supportive of economic development. Panelists conducted a thorough review of all aspects of development, including:

  • Envision the revitalization of Downtown Jacksonville and the surrounding neighborhoods with the U²C at the center of development;
  • Establish goals and expectations for future public investment (infrastructure) and private investment (development) around station areas;
  • Identify and implement best practices in fostering strong public support for the project
  • Identifying tools and next steps for implementation;
  • Explore strategies for redeveloping the Rosa Parks Station and the Shipyards Station that are representative of areas throughout downtown.

Summary of Recommendations

  • Move forward with the proposed U²C
  • Think beyond the stations
  • Implement best practices for transit-oriented development
  • Support established and emerging neighborhoods
  • Take intentional, strategic, and coordinated action
  • Celebrate and nurture the small successes


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